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technical outsourcing logoWho we are

We would like to welcome you to Technical Outsourcing. We offer the most unique corporate gifts available in Singapore. You can choose from a great selection of gifts from our online catalogue that we have to offer. Some of the best selling items include our travel organisers and portfolios. These gifts are classy and presentable, giving you the best image for your clients. Our corporate gifts come with refillable organisers so you never have to worry about reusing those perfect leather holders.

Our Mission

Or mission is to help our customers (you) identify the best gift to suit your industry and the best taste for your clients. We will help you with the design, planning and the packaging for your gifts. Getting the perfect gift will help your customer and clients remember you. Your clients will connect with your company through these gifts as each gift would be printed with your company logo. If you would like premium gifts that would represent the brand of your company, look no further than Technical Outsourcing.

Brand Management 

At Technical Outsourcing, we understand that corporate gifts are an extension of the brand of your company. Hence, we take pride in only presenting the best that we have to offer. All our gifts are elegant and presentable. Budget is also something we take seriously. We always draft out the perfect gift based on the budget of our clients. It goes without saying that we will always the best solution given the budget of our clients.

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